Single incision surgery
Keyhole surgery has revolutionised the way in which operations are performed. It is only just over 20 years since the first keyhole operation to remove the gallbladder was performed. Nowadays this, and many other operations are routinely carried out by keyhole surgery resulting in less pain, quicker recovery and a much better cosmetic result. Imagine then an operation in which there is effectively no scar at all!

This is now a reality with SILS (single incision laparoscopic surgery). Although still in its infancy this form of surgery is looking like the next major advance in keyhole surgery. The idea is that the surgeon makes a cut in the umbilicus, which is itself a natural scar. When the wound is healed there is nothing to see and it is as if the patient has never had surgery.

SILS for gallstones has now been performed in Chelmsford for the first time and is likely to become routinely offered. The video below shows this first operation.